The Meadville Lombard Library and Archives is excited to announce a new method of accessing our digital archival resources. For the past three years, we have been building our digital archive, scanning over 19,000 pages of material, stretching from 1819 to 2013. All of our digitized archival material has been accessible since day one through keyword searches on the Meadville Lombard website and through the Digital Public Library of America.

In addition to these keyword-based methods, we have now added a set of powerful tools that use a specialized set of metadata created specifically for describing the Unitarian Universalist community. This will allow researchers to make connections across congregations, regions, and time. This approach, informed by our Unitarian Universalist values, will help students, researchers, and UU’s across the world to better understand our shared past, in all of its diversity and complexity.

All UUs have access to Meadville Lombard Library and Archives.


Community members have access to the entire Meadville Lombard circulating collection. Practically speaking, if there is a book about Unitarianism, Universalism, or liberal religion, we have it and you can check it out. Most of the books we can even mail to you!


Meadville Lombard has over 300 archival collections, stretching from Puritanism to Paganism and everything in between. Out emphasis is liberal religion in the west, the 20th century Unitarian Universalism, and communities underserved and excluded by traditional archives. We are particularly proud of the UUA Congregational Records, which tell the story of every Unitarian and Universalist congregation from the 1920s to the 1990s.